TRIM Max - Hair clipper and body hair


Trim-Max™ is the cordless trimmer that lets you groom and care for your hair at home.

Merge the power of a clipper with the design of a comb: Outline the most difficult parts, cut hair without fear and give it the shape you want.

With 3 polished steel blades and titanium coating.

Includes 5 combs with different lengths to adapt to different needs: Protective comb that protects the head and for sensitive areas, 6mm comb, 13mm comb, 19mm comb and 25mm comb.

Extendable Handle for Hard-to-Reach Areas: Extends 40mm for previously impossible areas like back and shoulders.

Built-in LED light: for a millimetric cut.

Rechargeable battery: USB charger (included).

Soft touch and non-slip grip.

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Trim-Max is the cordless trimmer with which you can groom and care for your hair at home. Outline the most difficult parts, cut hair without fear and give it the shape you want. You just have to give one pass as if you were combing your hair and that's it. A perfect cut without errors. Cutting your hair will be as easy as combing your hair.

Trim-Max fuses the power of a trimmer with the design of a comb. Trim and style your hair using it as if you were combing your hair. It's so easy to use that you can get a barber cut without leaving home. What a savings!

Your secret? The revolutionary comb-inspired side tine design. And with its polished steel blades and titanium coating, you can easily trim like an expert hairdresser while you style. And as if that were not enough, shape your hair as you prefer thanks to its five easily interchangeable heads: Short, medium or long hair, as you wish. Your style is at your fingertips with Trim-Max.

Remove its protective cover to trim your sideburns or shape your beard. Uncomfortable and inaccessible areas? Adjust its extendable non-slip handle up to 40 millimeters and reach previously impossible areas such as the back and shoulders. Nothing will be out of your reach anymore. Safe and irritation-free. In addition, it incorporates an LED light for a millimeter cut. With Trim-Max there will be no hair that escapes you.

Take it wherever you want and use it when you need it thanks to its rechargeable battery. Fix your hair or get the perfect cut as if you were combing your hair. Pass it through the area you want to treat and trim the hair in one go. Trim-Max™ combines the precision of the best clippers with the simplicity of a comb.

Trim-Max™ includes five comb-shaped heads of various lengths. All of them designed to adapt to any of your needs. From touch-ups with its 25-millimeter comb to the smallest details with the 6-millimeter head, this set makes Trim-Max the ultimate men's styling tool. Also comes as a gift the cleaning brush and usb charger cable.

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Con esta maquinilla puedo hacerme un corte de pelo profesional en casa, como me gusta
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