Shynny Car - Car Cleaning Kit


Professional car wash kit includes 9 pieces:

  • 1 microfiber wheel brush
  • 1 microfiber mitten
  • 1 microfiber sponge
  • 3 washing pads
  • 3 multi-purpose cleaning cloths
  • Transparent storage bag

Quality Material: The main products of the car wash kit are made of soft microfiber with excellent cleaning ability and durability.

Suitable for cleaning both the interior and exterior of the vehicle: The set of gloves and microfiber cleaning cloths is the best option for washing, drying, waxing and polishing the car.

Easy to clean: can be machine or hand washed and then air dried.

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Perfecto y completo para limpiar el coche, tanto por fuera como por dentro.
Las gamuzas de interior atrapan muy buen el polvo, y las de fuera tienen capas para frotar y aclarar.
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