Active Energy Compression Socks - Compression socks with Methol


Active Energy Compression Socks, smart compression socks that will reduce everyday discomfort.

Made of copper thread that eliminates infection, odour and chafing.

Intelligent gradual compression on 3 levels stimulating the lower leg and improving blood circulation. Prevents and reduces varicose veins, swollen legs, cramps and tingling.

Cushioned insole combined with heel and arch support technology: balances the stride, reduces fatigue and walking problems.

Micro-encapsulated menthol. Refreshes and reduces leg pain thanks to its soothing and moisturising effect. Your legs will feel fresh and light.

Easy on, easy off technology, easy on, easy off.

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Tired legs? varicose veins? poor circulation? tingling? cramps? swollen legs? or do you just come home tired from a hard day's work with feet so sore that you can't do anything but lie down? Do you need more energy or to avoid injuries while doing sport? Daily routine and the passing years make it hard to enjoy life. Until now. Introducing Active Energy Compression Socks, the intelligent compression socks that will help you have more energy, avoid injuries and eliminate all kinds of ailments such as tingling, tired legs, swelling or varicose veins.

Active Energy Compression Socks are not just any sports socks or compression socks. They are both and much more. Their secret? It has up to 5 technologies integrated into the sock itself that make it the smartest socks on the market.The first technology is based on its innovative interwoven copper thread that is very soft and comfortable to avoid chafing and odour, preventing all kinds of foot infections and soothing any chafing.The second technology is its compression band system in the calf area that exerts a gradual pressure on the lower part as well as on the middle and upper part of the calf, achieving a correct and fluid blood circulation. Perfect for sports or to prevent and reduce many of the ailments of feet and legs such as swelling, tingling or varicose veins, soothing muscle aches and leg fatigue.

The third technology is its support and reinforcement system in the plantar arch and heel which will help you to avoid injuries, improve your sport marks and avoid a bad footprint that in the long run can lead to very serious problems when walking.

The fourth technology is its micro-encapsulated menthol integrated in each fibre of the sock, achieving a sensation of freshness and relaxation that will help you to be more rested and with more energy. It will keep your feet hydrated and you will recover the energy of your feet and legs throughout the day without changing your habits. It is like a continuous foot massage.

And the fifth technology is the innovative Easy on-Easy off system, easy on, easy off. Don't waste energy struggling with difficult socks. Now, even if you're older, you won't have to struggle to put them on. You won't need anyone's help.

What are you waiting for? Take Active Energy Compression Socks home, the smart compression socks, and get the wellness you've always wanted. Choose the size that best fits your feet and finally enjoy the pleasure of healthy and rested feet and legs. Enjoy life with Active Energy Compression Socks.

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Son increíblemente cómodos, hacen que mis piernas se sientan menos cansadas al final del día. Los recomiendo
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