Plantidex - Non-slip insoles


Special non-slip insoles for high-heeled shoes.

Perfectly washable.

Available in 3 sizes.

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€8.95 €9.95
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Tired of feeling pretty at any cost? Introducing Plantidex, the most advanced special anti-slip insoles for high heels on the market. Its non-slip effect manages to keep the foot in its original position, thus preventing it from sliding forward and causing wounds, chafing, blisters, calluses and deformations on the feet. With Plantidex we will improve our postural and bone health. The non-slip inserts can be interchanged from one shoe to another and are perfectly washable.

Plantidex slip resistant insoles are available in three sizes:

Small size "S": for footwear up to size 36.

Medium size "M": for footwear from size 36 to 39.

Large size "L": for footwear size 39 and up.

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Tanto el tamaño, como el material es perfecto, muy cómodo y fresco.
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