Walkfit - Orthopedic insoles 2x1


Realign your spine and eliminate foot, knee, hip and back pain with the new Walk fit Platinum insoles.

Gel pad that absorbs and cushions impacts where your feet need it most.

Soft and flexible.

Suitable for all types of footwear.

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Realign your spine and eliminate foot, knee, hip and back pain with the new Walk fit Platinum insoles. In this new version, we have added a unique and patented gel pad that absorbs and cushions impacts where your feet need it most. They are available in various sizes and fit both men and women.

Putting them under the foot aligns the heel and gives you incredible stability. They are soft and flexible so they mold perfectly to your foot.

Its secret is its incredible flexibility that, together with its new gel pad, helps absorb any type of impact. The foot molds to them and not the other way around. Why is it so healthy to walk on the sand? When stepping on it, our entire foot is in contact with the ground and the sand itself slows down that impact. This makes our muscles work and therefore tone our bones. That same effect is what we get with walkfit platinum, a perfect spinal alignment and a greater ability to balance. Goodbye back, knee and foot pain.

They are made of a special indestructible polymer resin and fused with nanosilver technology that eliminates germs and bad odors from the root, they also include breathable ducts that keep feet always fresh and free of fungus. And they don't spoil, you can even put them in the washing machine

The incredible thing about the Walk fit Platinum insoles is that as soon as you put them on you notice how your body adopts a correct posture, as if someone corrected your posture.

You can lead a normal life, put on sneakers or wear some great evening shoes and not remember the pain in your feet and knees at all.

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Tengo un par para cada zapato, me ayudan a aliviar los dolores de pie que tengo. Las recomiendo
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