YaOigo - Rechargeable Hearing Amplifiers


Yaoigo, the first hearing aid accessible to everyone that lets you hear loud, clear and crisp. And at a price to suit all budgets.

DESIGN: This acoustic amplifier is small, discreet and lightweight, fits perfectly, is versatile and easy to use.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Our hearing amplifier is rechargeable with a battery that lasts up to 16 hours.

EASY PROGRAMMING: Power switch and 4 volume settings.

INCLUDES: Carrying case, charger stand, silicone refills and cleaning kit.

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As we get older, we lose hearing. We stop enjoying parts of life and feel lonely and isolated. Until now.

Yaoigo, the first hearing aid accessible to everyone, has finally arrived in Spain, allowing you to hear loud, clear and crisp. And at a price to suit all budgets.

Yaoigo is light and almost invisible: it fits in any ear. It's comfortable: you can wear it for as long as you want without it bothering you. It's discreet: no one will notice you're wearing it,... But what is really important is that you will regain your hearing. You will feel again, you will live again.

Thanks to its 4 volume settings, you will hear all kinds of sounds clearly. Without any distortion and with the highest quality.

The sound you deserve is now within your reach with Yaoigo. What are you waiting for? Yaoigo also includes a discreet and comfortable carrying case, a long-lasting charging base and a cleaning kit.

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Lo he comprado para mi marido y funciona muy bien. Y es fácil de manejar por parte de una persona mayor.
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