Premium Chef Multi Chopper


Professional five-in-one kitchen appliance. Prepare healthy recipes quickly!

Five devices in one: cutter, laminator, juicer, mixer and wringer.

Easy Push system: three stainless steel blades that mince food quickly with safety lock.

15 interchangeable pieces: mandolin with 5 different blades, food protector, drip drum, mixer for liquids, juicer, 1500 ml container, etc.

Suction Cup Fixing System: Sticks firmly to the surface.

Fully manual: no cables or plugs.

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€14.98 €29.95
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Tired of having a kitchen full of hulks? Can't find the ideal device to prepare your meals? ventaprime brings you the solution with Premium Chef Multi Chopper, the innovative professional kitchen system that combines five products in one. Chop, slice, squeeze, mix, drain. Multi Chopper contains up to a total of fifteen interchangeable pieces with which to prepare your meals instantly. Premium Chef Multi Chopper is very easy to use. Prepare healthy recipes in half the time with Premium Chef Multi Chopper!


Thanks to its advanced Easy push system, Premium Chef Multi Chopper, with its three stainless steel blades, chops your food quickly. As simple as that! You don't need cables or plugs. It is totally manual, it will save you energy and money. Press as many times as you want to get the slice thickness you want. The Easy Push system also has a safety tab that locks the device. Chopping food has never been so safe and easy! Its transparent container of great resistance reaches a capacity of up to 1500 ml. Cooking has never been so easy. Premium Chef Multi Chopper the only appliance on the market that includes up to five kitchen utensils in a single system. Cutter, laminator, juicer, mixer and wringer. Each of these machines separately would far exceed the Multi Chopper price. Save money and time with Multi Chopper.


Premium Chef Multi Chopper has a mandolin set with five different blades to cut your food as you want: sliced, wavy, fine spun, coarse spun and grated. The set also includes a protective guide to make the most of each food. Slice your food without fear of cutting yourself! Thanks to its suction cup fixing system, Multi Chopper adheres firmly to the surface preventing it from slipping when in use. Premium Chef Multi Chopper are five kitchen appliances in one. With Multi Chopper you can prepare the healthiest meals in half the time, like a true professional in the kitchen. Your way of cooking will change forever.

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Estoy usando muchísimo esto, muy útil, lo recomiendo!!! Única cosa es que picadora de carne floja, hay que tener cuenta poner trocitos pequeños.
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