Total Fresh Lids - Universal vacuum packing lids


Set of 5 universal vacuum packing lids.

Universal: adapts to any type of container (tableware, metal, plastic or glass).

Ecological polymer composition: preserves your food in a vacuum, preserving its original flavor and quality, and delaying its oxidation.

Five different sizes: 10 cm, 14 cm, 18 cm, 23 cm and 28 cm

Ecological: totally reusable. They will last you a lifetime!

Resistant: it does not deform or damage. Suitable for refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers.

It does not contain BPA.

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Tired of having your kitchen full of messy containers and lids that don't fit? Are you tired of spending meters and meters of plastic wrap that does not stick well and is a real nuisance? ventaprime presents Total Fresh Lids, the revolutionary set of universal lids with which you can hermetically close any container, keeping your food fresh for much longer.

Total Fresh Lids are very easy to use. Just put the lid on and press. Its advanced ecological polymer composition preserves your food under vacuum, preserving its original flavor and quality, and delaying its oxidation. Total Fresh Lids are five times more effective than any other conventional method.

Total Fresh Lids are universal, they fit any type of container. Use them with your dishes, metal, plastic or glass. And they are valid for any shape and size! The set includes up to five different sizes (10 cm, 14 cm, 18 cm, 23 cm and 28 cm) so you can cover anything from a little chopped fruit to a huge jug of juice. Total Fresh Lids are super tough. They are neither deformed nor damaged. It doesn't matter how much the food weighs. Not even the strongest blow can break it.

And to open it, gently press the side tab and you're done.

Save space in your kitchen! At last you can stack your food and have your fridge organized as you have always wanted. Stop the old methods that damage the environment so much and waste time and money. Total Fresh Lids are totally reusable. They will last you a lifetime! Do you want to cover several things at the same time? No problem! Cover everything with a single lid.

Save time, money and space while keeping your food fresh for longer with Total Fresh Lids.


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Estan muy bien, al tener diferentes tamaños puedo envasar todo tipo de cosas.
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